Supporting Aussie Bathroom Mobility

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Supporting Aussie Bathroom Mobility
There’s perhaps nothing quite as personal as our bathroom routine. So when circumstances prevent us from using the toilet or showering independently, it can make a big impact on our lives.

Shower Access helps mobility-impaired Australians regain more independence and enjoyment in the bathroom. We combine expertise in mobility assessment with a range of ingenious products to deliver a bathroom solution for users and their OTs – all without expensive remodelling. 

ShowerBuddy Model SB1

Our most popular

bathroom products

Explore the 3 most popular Showerbuddy solutions that Shower Access offer:
ShowerBuddy SB1 in shower



The all-in-one shower chair and transfer system, perfect for showers with a raised edge.

TubBuddy SB2 chair on bridge



Have a bathtub configuration shower?  Get hassle free transfer and bathing witih TubBuddy.

TubBuddy Tilt SB2T chair in bathtub tilted and bridge removed

TubBuddy Tilt


All the benefits of TubBuddy, with tilt design to offer easier leg clearance and maximum bathing comfort.

Explore the rest of the

showerbuddy range

For more information about these products or to request a consultation, please contact us.
Roll-InBuddy Tilt SB3T tilted in shower

Roll-InBuddy Tilt


Ideal for accessible, roll-in style showers and users who are looking for the comfort of a tiliting chair.  SB3T offers flexibility and ease of transfer for carer and user alike.

Roll-InBuddy Lite SB6c in shower

Roll-InBuddy Lite


A highly-maneuverable, lightweight roll-in solution.  Often chosen by users who share their bathroom with others or use multiple bathrooms.

Roll-InBuddy XL SB6c-22 in front of shower

Roll-InBuddy XL


An excellent choice for users requiring a larger chair for a roll-in shower configuration.  Roll-InBuddy XL is built to offer stability, comfort and function.

Roll-InBuddy XXL SB6c-26 in front of shower

Roll-InBuddy XXL


The larger sibling of our Roll-InBuddy XL, the XXL enables even more body shapes to have access to all the benefits of a Showerbuddy product.

Roll-InBuddy Solo SB6w chair in roll-in shower

Roll-InBuddy Solo


Users who use a wheelchair indpendently can enjoy the same freedom in a roll-in shower or toilet with this self-propel chair.

Eco Traveller SB7e in front of shower

Eco Traveller


For users on the go, the compact Eco Traveller allows for showering in smaller spaces and easily packs dwon for transport.

Measure your bathroom with


BathCheck is a mobile that allows OTs, PTs, families and users to measure up a bathroom and determine if the Showerbuddy transfer system will fit.


who we’ve helped

Just slide across
“I have been using the Showerbuddy 1 now for nearly 12 months – it’s fantastic!! I live at home with my wife and with the support from my carers I can get in and out of the bathtub with no lifting or real effort …….. Just “slide across” – I feel so much more in control now that we have had the help of the Shower access team and their solution of the SHOWERBUDDY chair.”

Hornsby, Sydney

Showerbuddy equipment
“Ow wow – where do I start! When mum first was injured the thoughts of taking mum home ever again was really scary but with the support of the discharge team and the team from SA who provided the low cost simple solution I breathed a sigh of relief – Duncan was great visiting mum’s home – taking the time to understand what we wanted and methodically creating a solution that is working so well – I don’t have to worry about picking mum up and trying to move her around. I recommend this for any carer trying to do it themselves for their parents!”

Concord, Sydney

Renovation vs Showerbuddy Solution
“The SA team have been fantastic – supplying personalising and installing the SB2T for our dad – he is living in a small old unit on the other side of town and knowing that mum can now get dad from his bed to chair and in and out of the shower without needing to lift him is a huge comfort – this was the best solution for my parents to keep their independence in their home without the massive cost of a bathroom renovation.”

Campbelltown Sydney

Benefits of working with

shower access

We provide an assessment and solution fit for your needs

Shower Access won’t just supply you with the right equipment; we will provide a detailed assessment of your bathroom and your personal mobility requirements. Because no two situations (or bathrooms) are the same, Shower Access will customise equipment using an extensive range of accessories as needed. Together, we’ll make sure you are delivered a solution that’s practical and comfortable for daily use, long-term.

ShowerBuddy SB1 in front of shower with caregiver

No renos, no worries

Permanent modification to a bathroom is a big deal. In fact, it’s often a barrier to mobility because changes are too expensive or simply not possible given living situations such as renting. With Showerbuddy products, Shower Access is able to provide users with a sophisticated, versatile mobility solution without damaging or changing your existing bathroom. When it’s time to move house or switch to another bathroom, Showerbuddy equipment can come with you, leaving no evidence behind in your old bathroom that it was ever there.

Shower Access TubBuddy SB2 chair over toilet with caregiver

Versatile, durable and comfortable equipment

We choose Showerbuddy equipment because it’s designed to go the distance with you. Crafted by a New Zealand team of mobility professionals, the range of Showerbuddy equipment has been designed to fit a broad spectrum of bathroom configurations, mobility levels and user body types. The range comes with a warranty on the frame and Shower Access will offer ongoing support to make sure that you, your OT and your carer get the most out of this equipment.

Shower Access TubBuddy Tilt SB2T chair over toilet tilted

Shower Access

supports OT’s & PT’s

The Occupational Therapist (OT) and Physiotherapist (PT) are at the core of a mobility plan.

We work closely with OTs and PTs, providing an initial assessment of the bathroom configuration and the user’s specific needs. Together, we’ll consult your client on their options, ensuring they have all the knowledge they need to make the right decision. During the assessment, we can determine if your client needs any equipment customisation made possible through a large range of accessories.

Shower Access provides in-service training for you and your team from North Sydney down to Canberra. We’re also able to provide a complete video-conference based demonstration of Showerbuddy equipment to OTs, PTs and their clients.

At delivery time, Shower Access will arrange assembly and installation of the equipment. Then, we’ll train the OT or PT, user and carer on using the Showerbuddy product for all bathroom activities confidently.

COVID-19 & Client Contact

We take the precautions around COVID-19 seriously and your safety is our priority. Shower Access has undertaken Infection Control Training – COVID 19 training and observes all current health and safety measures both mandated and recommended.

Therapist testimonials

Solution focused – with cost and customising in mind
“The SA team working directly with our clients…….. as an Occupational Therapist in our own private practice we are very busy and knowing that we have the support of the SA team to go and work with our clients directly in a professional and empathetic way allows us the confidence to prescribe the solution of the SHOWERBUDDY complex range and understand that the solution that is delivered will be highly cost effective and be delivered in a timely manner.”

Manley, Sydney

Fast, cost effective solution
“Duncan and the SA team have supported us with 3 clients now and with no fuss or effort we contacted SA whom then made arrangements directly with our clients visiting their homes – “dry trialing” the range of equipment and creating a personalised solution that was not only cost effective but was able to be delivered and installed within 1 week.”

Cronulla, Sydney

Equipment to suit each client
“The SA team fine-tune their equipment to suite each client’s specific situation and needs and at a fraction of the cost of any other solution available on the market – I was amazed at the speed of the process from initially calling Duncan at SA – to completing the home visit, the assessment, supplying an itemised quote, to order and delivery – all under 10 days and under $5,000 – our client is now home without the stress allowing us to focus on his therapy!”

Cnetral Coast, NSW

Remote Support
“Even remotely the SA team supported our client going out of their way to find a solution for a single mum with her disabled 9 year old daughter.  The SB2T needed some specific modifications to support her daughter’s posture and within 10 minutes of attending the client’s home and installing the solution – the daughter was so comfortable – she said “she was going to stay in the chair all day.”

Silverwater, Sydney

Let’s chat!

Shower Access helps Australians who experience mobility restrictions in the bathroom. If you’re a user of mobility equipment – or indeed an Occupational Therapist looking for an effective solution, then reach out below and we’ll be in touch.
Shower Access Duncan Yelds
Based in North Sydney, Duncan enjoys quality time with the family, pottering in his garden and catching the latest movies (and a few classics too). 


Duncan Yelds

of Shower Access

Duncan Yelds isn’t just a bathroom mobility expert – he has a deep background in nursing, rehabilitation, coaching and consulting.
Simply put, people are at the heart of everything he does. As a registered nurse in the rehabilitation and aged care sectors, Duncan helped build hospital teams with the sole focus of getting clients back in their homes with as little life disruption as possible. Being touched personally by the challenges of impaired movement with his own elderly parents, Duncan was driven to apply his experience by starting Shower Access.

For the past 10 years, Duncan has been supporting Australian families to build a plan for their mobility-impaired loved ones based around their own goals and lifestyle. He finds the connection of supporting people to live more fulfilling lives in their own home a highly rewarding experience, also dedicating time to educate equipment suppliers on how their products can best meet the needs of the community he serves daily.

Outside of mobility, Duncan works with thousands of Australians with their own personal development each year, being involved with organisations like Dale Carnegie, Landmark Education and Anthony Robbins. He draws upon his work in this environment to help Shower Access clients navigate their own obstacles, understanding that a mobility impairment is more than just a physical challenge. 

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