Use a bathtub style shower with no modification.

If you have a shower-bathtub combo, then the TubBuddy is the mobility solution for you. The chair, bridge and tub base make transfer and bathing easier for you and your carer.

It’s common for Australian bathrooms to have a bathtub/shower combination – this gives us and our family flexibility around bathing options. A bathtub however, presents some challenges for someone with a physical disability – the high sides being the most obvious. In order to convert a bathtub bathroom to something compatible with mobility needs, many will see major modification as the only option outside of moving house. This can be hugely unsettling (and costly), especially if we are still coming to terms with a recent injury or impairment.

With TubBuddy, you can enjoy the bathtub shower like anyone else in the home, without the big cost of a re-fitout. 

After a quick installation and tutorial by Shower Access, your carer will be ready to transfer you in and out of the tub for hassle-free showers each day. TubBuddy is designed with the same concept as its step-in shower sibling  – a comfortable, versatile chair, a transfer bridge and a base that sits securely in the bathtub.

Built for a complete bathroom mobility solution, TubBuddy also transforms into a secure toilet chair. This means less transfers for you and your carer.  And when you’re away from the bathroom, TubBuddy comes equipped with a full commode system and seat cushion insert for use as a comfortable day chair. The fold back arms of the TubBuddy’s chair make transfer in and out of the chair much easier for a carer and for you the user.

Quick Facts – SB2

  • Tub base ensures bathing is safe and secure
  • Complete shower chair unit
  • Compatible with most bathtubs and bathroom configurations
  • Resistant and Sturdy for long term use
  • Excellent toilet chair function

Using the TubBuddy

Shower Access TubBuddy in shower over bath

Taking a shower

The showering routine with TubBuddy is straight forward – transfer in, bathe and transfer out. When you’re ready to shower:
  • Your support person will connect the chair base on wheels to the elevated tub base and bridge.
  • The wheels are locked in place for stability.
  • You’ll then be transferred from the chair base across the edge of the bathtub and into the tub.
  • TubBuddy’s bathtub base is sturdy with both anti-slip feet and stabilisers that lock the base to the side of the tub. This offers additional support.
  • You can then enjoy a shower within your bathtub, with the chair offering access and maneuverability for your carer.
  • Once the shower’s done, you’ll simply reverse the process to transfer out of the bathtub and onto the rolling chair base.
Shower Access TubBuddy positioned over toilet

Using the toilet

It’s not just showering that TubBuddy provides. You’ll enjoy a comfortable, supportive toilet chair and commode system too.
  • When you’re ready to use the toilet, the TubBuddy can be placed over the toilet (most toilets will be cleared thanks to the TubBuddy’s height adjustment feature).
  • The chair will be locked into place with brakes to keep you safe.
  • After using the toilet, the unit can be unlocked and moved away to either leave the bathroom or use the shower.
  • TubBuddy is built from water-proof, non corrosive frame and components making cleaning quick and hygienic.
  • For toileting needs away from the bathroom, the TubBuddy comes equipped with a commode bucket that’s easy access underneath for carers to replace.
  • When not in use for toileting, a cushion inlay can be inserted for your comfort.

Spec’s & Resources


  • Weight capacity – 250kg
  • Rolls over most standard toilets
  • Arms – removable / lockable / flip-back
  • Height adjustable
  • Safety mechanisms & side stabilizers on bath base
  • No rust aluminum frame (Grade 6061 T6)
  • Stainless steel parts and hardware (Grade 304)
  • Footrest – fold-up foot rest on rolling base and on bath base
  • Safety belts – lap & chest belts
  • Caster Wheels – 125mm x 4 locking
  • Commode system
  • Tool-free assembly


  • Chair Width – over caster wheels 490mm
  • Chair Width – over arms 570mm
  • Chair Width – inside arms 475mm – smaller users see accessory pages
  • Chair Length – including footrest 845mm (745mm excluding)
  • Backrest Width 460mm
  • Backrest Height from Cushion to top 440mm
  • Toilet Height clearance (maximum) 535mm
  • Toilet Width clearance at narrowest 375mm (at casters)
  • Toilet clearance can depend upon the shape of the toilet pan
  • Bridge Length (Standard) 300mm or Accessory 200mm or customized, see Accessories
  • Seat Cushion Dimensions 460mm W x 430mm D
  • Seat Height from Floor 575mm to 675mm (Adjustable)
  • Seat Cushion Opening 175mm W x 335mm L
  • Bath Tub Base unit width over feet 335mm
  • Bath Tub Height from floor 535mm maximum or use RBE24 Chair Height Extender accessory
  • Bath Tub Depth up to 530mm maximum or use TBE24 Bath Base Height Extender accessory
  • Bath Tub width for stabilisers 440mm – 680mm
  • Box Dimensions L 680mm x W 580mm x H 810mm
  • Box Gross Weight 32.4kg

Download Specs

TubBuddy SB2 Specification Document

Metric Diagram

TubBuddy SB2 Dimensioned Drawings in metric measurements.

User Manual

The TubBuddy SB2 User Manual includes a full parts list as well as assembly, setup and operation instructions.

Product Catalogue

Download your Showerbuddy Product Catalogue showcasing the full Showerbuddy range of chairs and transfer systems.


Prescription Form

Download the Showerbuddy prescription form to help with assessing the best product to fit your needs.

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