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Showerbuddy’s products have changed thousands of families’ lives for the better. Our goal is to make using the bathroom a more dignified, enjoyable experience – no matter the level of mobility impairment. You can read more about how Showerbuddy’s helped our users below.

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After becoming a tetraplegic in 2005 after breaking his neck, Gavin’s carer got some wood and aluminium to create a temporary solution to help access to the shower. But after a friend told him about Showerbuddy, Gavin thought this looked like something that’d work for him and his Shower.  We soon arranged a trial for Gavin.

“One of the great features of Showerbuddy is it’s easy to assemble, but easy to disassemble – leaving the shower as normal for my able-bodied flatmate to use.”

Gavin’s found his carer and he prefers this option without relying on false floors and ramps to enjoy hassle free access to his shower.

Nathan & Charlotte


Australian father Nathan and his daughter Charlotte use the SB1 for showering, sharing that “it’s changed our lives” since getting their Showerbuddy.

Nathan likes the fact it’s got a bridging system and a 360 spinning capability – making showering Charlotte possible at all angles.

Nathan also loves the durability of the SB1: “It hasn’t rusted like other shower chairs we’ve tried”.

He also appreciates the large caster wheels that allow the chair to be pushed around over bathroom tiles and onto carpet for complete ease of transfer. 

Sean & Paige


Sean and Paige from the USA are self-professed “huge fans of the showerbuddy”, using the system for over 9 years for their 15 year old daughter with cerebral palsy who doesn’t have head and trunk control making showering difficult.

“When we first saw this for the first time, we thought it could give her the best experience that she could have – it really is. It’s helped her have a safe experience in the shower, there’s a lot of support for her and we really love it.”

Paige shares that Showerbuddy is a “great solution for their daughter” and a “life saver”.

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Nadine cares for her mother and relies on Showerbuddy to make bathroom mobility assistance much easier. “The chair is really indispensable for anyone who is wheelchair bound but still travels, or even just a much less expensive option to use at home. It makes the transfers so much easier if bathroom space is limited or not an ADA configuration. I am truly floored by your amazing customer service and communication. Mom and I thank you ❤️”

Laurie & Walter


I’m a C5 quadriplegic and I have a pretty small bathroom. When I needed a solution I came across Showerbuddy. I can use the chair to slide in and out of my shower everyday – it’s awesome. With Showerbuddy I have all the comfort of showering like anybody else!



Our experience with the Showerbuddy system has been wonderful. It’s a high quality product, lightweight, not going to rust, easy to use and my husband feels secure in it. It’s been a fabulous thing for us – it’s given us back time and dignity.

Laurie & Walter


Showerbuddy works perfectly – we’ve had it for over 10 years. We can shower and recline our 21 year old. We have seatbelts so I feel secure and he likes being in there because it’s like a wheelchair. I don’t have to worry about picking him up and trying to move him around. I recommend this for a single parent trying to do it themselves!



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“Great invention”

“Fantastic idea”

“Well done to the inventors of this amazingly useful piece.”

“Terrific way to simplify showering!”

“What a brilliant idea. Someone thought outside the box. Well done”

“This is so good”

“Love good design and engineering.”

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