Tub Base Extension TBE24


Tub Base Height Extender

Increase bath base height for easy clearance

Compatible with TubBuddy SB2, TubBuddy Tilt SB2T

When the bathtub is set down into the floor the Tub Base Extension is used.

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While the RBE24 is designed to lift the rolling chair base up to clear higher bathtubs, the TBE24 lifts the bath base unit up when you have a deep bath.

The Tub Base Height Extender is used where the bathtub is deeper than 580mm (SB2 or SB2T) from the bottom of a bathtub to the top edge. TBE24 is fitted in a similar way to RBE24.  Once fitted and adjusted correctly for height in a deep bath, the bridge and rolling base chair should be able to align correctly with the tub base unit.

These are fitted at the time of home installation by the installer and must be ordered separately as an accessory.

When the bathtub is set down into the floor the Tub Base Extension is used.


Pair of height adjustment tubes.

This accessory item may be required where the bath tub base is lower than the floor of the bathroom.

These height adjustment tubes are longer than standard height adjustment tubes that come with the tub base and allow greater adjustment in these situations. Additional height of 100mm (4") with 4 x 25mm (1") increments.

TBE24 is Wider than RBE24 across the tubes (for easy identification) and has 8 vertical height adjustment holes.

Additional information

Weight 1.58 kg
Dimensions 46 × 38 × 6 cm

At a Glance


  • Used for deep bathtubs
  • Lift the height of the base allow transfers
  • Made from durable aluminum material
  • Enables SB2 and SB2T to be used in more bathrooms
  • Order as an accessory for fitting at the time of home installation


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