Seat Cushion with smallest opening, Revised Design


Seat Cushion with Smallest Commode Opening

Our commode solution for young users

Compatible with ShowerBuddy SB1,TubBuddy SB2,TubBuddy Tilt SB2T, Roll-InBuddy Tilt SB3T

This cushion is similar to SCP1 but has a greater incline or slope towards the rear PLUS the commode opening is 50mm (2″) further rearward than SCP1, closer to the backrest.

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Showerbuddy users who are smaller may prefer our SCP1-R; the smallest commode opening we offer that starts 2 inches further back than standard. We have also designed a greater cushion slope towards the backrest, helping support and stabilise users. Enjoy all the quality and practicality of Showerbuddy seat cushions, along with a thicker cushion and smaller format. Changing the cushion on Showerbuddy products does not require complete disassembly, meaning that users can change Showerbuddy seats as their needs and size change.

Along with the SCP1-R cushion, we suggest considering the A-P1 Armrests to reduce seat width or the P1 Petite Buddy accessory.

Commode opening dimensions:

  • Opening width at front 76mm
  • Centre of opening from front 250mm
  • Commode opening width 150mm

Additional information

Weight 2.05 kg
Dimensions 45 × 49 × 7 cm

At a Glance


  • Suited for the smallest users of Showerbuddy
  • Thicker cushion than standard
  • Works well with P1 or AP-1 accessories
  • Sloping incline towards backrest
  • Smallest seat cushion opening available


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