Seat Cushion Overlay for SB6 Chair Only SCOC


Seat Cushion Overlay for SB6

Use the SB6 as a transport chair

Compatible with Roll-InBuddy Lite SB6c, Roll-InBuddy Solo SB6w

To close the commode function and use the chair as a transport chair if required. Fits Showerbuddy chair SB6 only.

This can make the SB6 chair more than just a commode

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Many users of Showerbuddy’s Roll-in unit SB6 like to use their unit as a travel chair as well. Because SB6’s primary use is in the bathroom, the regular seat comes with a commode opening. When the opening isn’t required, users can enjoy greater comfort using the Seat Cushion Overlay made especially for the SB6 design. A durable yet comfortable polyurethane foam construction, the overlay transforms SB6 into a travel chair with bathroom functions discretely covered.

Created for the Roll-In SB6 models only, this accessory is great for any owners that wish to take their chairs out of the bathroom and into the world.

Additional information

Weight 1.39 kg
Dimensions 45 × 49 × 6 cm

At a Glance


  • PU foam construction
  • Covers commode opening
  • SB6 Becomes Travel Chair
  • Attach easily to SB6
  • Easy-clean and durable


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