Child Pediatric Conversion Kit

Conversion Kit for Showerbuddy & TubBuddy


Converts Showerbuddy Chairs For Children & Small Users

Converts Showerbuddy Chairs For Children & Small Users

Compatible with:

  • ShowerBuddy SB1
  • TubBuddy SB2
  • TubBuddy Tilt SB2T
  • Roll-InBuddy Tilt SB3T

The Petite-Buddy P1 converter accessory fits on our core chair-based Showerbuddy products. The P1 enables smaller individuals to use Showerbuddy comfortably and safely. Changing mobility equipment as we get older can get expensive. That’s why the Petite-Buddy accessory is an excellent choice, allowing Showerbuddy to evolve with users as they grow in size.

The Petite-Buddy P1 accessory consists of:

  • Padded backrest cushion (280mm wide)
  • Backrest depth adjustment (325mm to 375mm)
  • Limited recline function
  • Reduced width between armrests (305mm)
  • Small commode opening in the cushion (150mm)
  • Adjustable padded neck pillow

For small users requiring bathroom transfer assistance, the Petite-Buddy P1 is an excellent choice when used in conjunction with SB1, SB2, SB2T or SB3T Showerbuddy frames (frames purchased separately).

Quick Facts – Petite Buddy

  • Allows Showerbuddy to fit small users
  • Adjustable backrest and neck pillow
  • Smaller commode opening
  • Removes the need for buying new equipment
  • Reduced dimensions make transfers safe

Watch the


Learn how to set up and use Petite Buddy P1.


Download Specs

ShowerBuddy Petite P1 Specification Document

Metric Diagram

Showerbuddy Petite P1 Dimensioned Drawings in metric measurements.

User Manual

The Showerbuddy Petite P1 User Manual includes a full parts list as well as assembly, setup, and operation instructions.

Product Catalogue

Download your Showerbuddy Product Catalogue showcasing the full Showerbuddy range of chairs and transfer systems.


Prescription Form

Download the Showerbuddy prescription form to help with assessing the best product to fit your needs.

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